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What Is Cocktail Tanning?

woman lying on towel after cocktail tanningLove the look of a golden tan and want to get that glow fast? Many of our customers love cocktail tanning. Cocktail tanning involves mixing UV tanning and spray tanning for a fast and beautiful glow!

Let’s take a look at how this unique tanning method can create that deep, long-lasting tan you crave. 

How Cocktail Tanning Works

First, you use a UV tanning bed. This phase stimulates melanin production in the body, which naturally darkens the skin. However, instead of stopping here, cocktail tanning takes it a step further to create an even more dramatic result. 

As soon as you step out of the tanning bed, you receive a spray tan application. The close timing of this is important, as the spray tan can more deeply permeate the skin while the pores are still open from the heat of the tanning bed. 

The application of the spray tan into open pores in addition to the natural melanin production from the tanning bed creates a deep, dark tan. Combining the two methods creates amazing results in a single session – more than either method could create in the same time frame. Plus, the results are known to last longer than what you might see from spray tanning or a tanning bed session alone. 

Why Choose the Cocktail Tanning Method?

Cocktail tanning requires a few key steps to be successful. However, many people consider the time and effort they spend on it well worth the glowing results!

If you’ve found yourself looking to boost your results, it may be time to give cocktail tanning a try. The method is popular for its reliability and the long-lasting color it can provide in a single session. If a deep, golden tan makes you feel your most beautiful, a cocktail tan is sure to provide you with a major self-confidence boost. 

Maybe you have a special event coming up and you’d like to achieve a specific level of tan before you attend. Cocktail tanning can be a great way to get to that skin shade without the need for multiple sessions. For example, if you have a major event to attend with just a few days’ notice, cocktail tanning is sure to get you to a deep, natural-looking tan within a single session. 

How to Prepare for a Cocktail Tanning Session

Interested in cocktail tanning but not sure how to properly prepare? Many of the steps are similar to those of a UV tanning bed session or a spray tan, as cocktail tanning includes both of these methods combined. 

The first thing to determine is whether your timeline is open or you’re getting your cocktail tan for a specific event. If you’re preparing for an event, make sure to come in one or two days before your event.

You should wax or shave your legs approximately 24 hours before your sessions. If you choose to wax, make sure to remove all of the leftover waxing product, as it could block the spray tan from entering your pores. After waxing or shaving, deeply exfoliate your skin to clear your pores and make them more susceptible to the tanning process. 

On the day of your sessions, arrive without any makeup, deodorant, lotion, or moisturizer on your body, as these products can also create a barrier against the spray tan. It is essential to avoid deodorant in particular because it can turn the skin a greenish color during the cocktail tanning process.

It’s also important to use a double dip product that is designed for the tanning bed and spray tan, ask the tanning consultant which is best for you.

These steps ensure that your cocktail tan is as effective as possible. It might just be your new favorite tanning method!

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