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How to Prepare for a Tanning Bed Session 

tanning bed Tanning beds are a quick and easy way to get that golden, sun-kissed look without spending hours laying out by the pool. Plus, tanning beds can be even safer for your skin than natural tanning because your exposure to UV rays is more controlled. It builds your skin’s natural protection from the sun in a controlled environment, making it less likely to burn on vacation or having fun in the sun. Learning what to do before tanning bed sessions is key to getting the most out of UV tanning.

What to Do Before Tanning Bed Appointments 

If a perfect, even tan is your goal, make sure your skin is properly prepared for the treatment. Wondering what to do before tanning bed sessions to reap the most benefits and get a long-lasting result? Here are some of our top tips. 

1. Check with Your Doctor About Safety 

If you have any preexisting skin conditions or generally sensitive skin, it’s important to check with your dermatologist or primary care doctor about your safety regarding tanning bed treatments. 

Additionally, certain medications and medical treatments may make your skin more sensitive to UV rays. Getting a green light from your doctor before visiting the tanning salon is crucial if you’re taking a special medication or undergoing special treatment. Check medications for photosensitivity side effects.  

UV tanning bed sessions can result in a deepened skin tone for just about anyone. However, your skin type and professional tanning lotion used plays a big role in how you can get your ideal glow, as well as what to do before tanning bed appointments. 

Skin types range from Type I, being the fairest, to Type VI, being the deepest. Ask your dermatologist about which skin type category you fall into and what that might mean for your tanning bed usage. 

2. Exfoliate Your Skin the Day Before You Tan

A full-body exfoliation within 24 hours of your tanning bed session helps to clear your pores, which will result in a more even and long-lasting tan. However, if you run out of time to perform a full exfoliation, giving your body a good scrub with a loofah or similar bath brush should do the trick. 

Shaving your body hair 1 to 2 days before your appointment is also recommended in order to maximize your tanning potential. 

3. Moisturize Post-Exfoliation 

After you’re done exfoliating or scrubbing with a loofah, apply a light professional moisturizer over your entire body so that you’re not arriving at your appointment with dry, flaky skin. Make sure that the moisturizer you use is not oil based, as these products can interfere with the tanning lotion you’ll be applying right before your session begins.    

4. Remove Makeup and Jewelry 

Make sure to take off all rings, necklaces, and other jewelry before entering the tanning bed to avoid unwanted tan lines. Additionally, you should arrive at your tanning session free of makeup, essential oils, and perfume. 

5. Protect Your Lips 

Many tanning enthusiasts aren’t aware that UV rays can be harmful to your lips, which are more sensitive than the rest of your skin. Applying lip balm with SPF is a prime example of what to do before tanning bed appointments. In fact, it could be the difference between healthy lips and chapped, dry lips after a tanning bed session. 

If you don’t own lip balm with SPF, ask your tanning bed technician. We always have some for sale.

6. Determine Your Preferred Level of Disrobing 

Generally, tanning bed clients can wear a swimsuit, undergarments to tan or go nude if they prefer. No matter how much you choose to disrobe, your tanning room will be secure and private for your comfort. However, if you choose to enter the tanning bed nude, it’s still advisable to cover the parts of your body that wouldn’t normally be exposed to the sun. 

7. Apply Tanning Lotion 

Applying tanning lotion is vital to make the most of your session and extend the lifespan of your tan. We offer a wide variety of professional tanning products that are made specifically for UV tanning beds with high end skin care ingredients to maximize results and provide all your skin needs!

Lotions that aren’t formulated for UV bed tanning can cause damage to the tanning bed and yield lesser results from your session than you could have achieved otherwise. 

8. Protect Your Eyes 

Making sure that your eyes are protected from the UV lights in tanning beds is more than just advisable — it’s required by law. You can use the goggles provided at your tanning salon or purchase some for your personal use only.

How Can I Keep My Tan Looking Great? 

Now that you know what to do before tanning bed appointments, there are a few things to keep in mind after tanning bed sessions. After all, you’ll want to maximize the appearance and quality of your tan for as long as possible

You can utilize a specialized professional tan-extender product to keep your skin moisturized after your session and maintain your golden glow for weeks after your appointment. However, the best way to keep up your sun-kissed look is to pop in for sessions to maintain your desired result.  

Taking excellent care of your skin by preparing for your tanning sessions and following post-tanning bed recommendations is the best way to achieve your desired look.

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