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5 Essential Tanning Tips Before You Travel

Going on vacation means taking many photos to spread across social media while enjoying the memories you make. Having a lovely glow in photos can make you look and feel more confident. Being tan and taking the time to indoor tan can make you feel better and help prepare the skin for extra sun exposure to […]

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How Do Spray Tans Work?

Let’s talk spray tanning. UV tanning is a great way to keep your skin looking a healthy golden color all year round. However, UV tanning is not the only option you have to get that beautiful beach-frequent look all year-round. You may have seen your friends still sporting a beautiful, sun-kissed glow even as Halloween […]

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How Long Should You Tan For?

Tanning in MN is possible even for busy bees, thanks to tanning salons. You can relax in a tanning bed or stand in a tanning booth for under ten minutes, remove… and bronze! If you’re new to indoor tanning, you may have many questions about how it works. One of the biggest questions is一how long […]