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How Often Should You Spray Tan?

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Opting for a spray tan over laying out in the sun for hours is a great choice for anyone looking to save time and protect their skin while still achieving a bronzed and beautiful complexion. But how often should you spray tan? You don’t want to go too infrequently and wind up losing your glow at an inconvenient time, and you probably don’t want to go too often and wind up with more bronze than you bargained for.   

While the general consensus is that you should stop in for a session every 7 to 12 days, there’s a bit more to it. In order to strike the perfect balance, you’re also going to want to follow a few simple tips that can help you maintain an even tan for as long as possible. 

You already know how spray tans work, but to help you out even more, we’ve gathered up some more useful spray tan information in this simple guide. Enjoy!

The Perfect Spray Tan Schedule

The typical cycle for spray tanning will be something like 7 to 12 days, so you should plan your next session around that. If you’re careful to maintain your current tan, you should have no problem keeping your appointments closer to 12 days apart every time. 

We’re going to tell you how to maintain your glowing complexion in between appointments soon, but first, we need to address another important question.

How Often Can You Spray Tan?

They may sound just about the same, but there’s a distinctive difference between the questions “how often should you spray tan?” and “how often can you spray tan?” 

The truth is that the frequency of your tan appointments should be based on how you feel about how your tan looks. There are no known health risks to spray tanning, so it’s ultimately up to your discretion how frequently you go. 

However, if you’re asking the question, “how often should you tan to maintain color?” then the 7- to 12-day range is the one that we find works the best for most people. 

Visits more frequent than that can result in more spray tan being added than necessary, as you’ll still have plenty of your previous glow to work with before those 7-12 days are up. 

Again, it’s up to your discretion, but most people prefer to wait somewhere around ten days before returning to the salon to restore their radiant appearance.

Tips for Maintaining Your Spray Tan

The answer to the question “how often should you spray tan?” depends on the steps you take to maintain an even glow with your current tanning schedule. 

It doesn’t require much extra effort to keep yourself looking bronzed and beautiful when you have a tan, but there are some important things to keep in mind. We’ve listed them below, along with some other useful details. Also be sure to check out more of our spray tanning tips.

Exfoliate Before an Appointment

The number one thing that will keep your spray tan even and ensure that it lasts as long as possible is making sure to exfoliate before your appointments. When you clear off all those old dead skin cells, you create the perfect canvas for your spray tan and are more likely to achieve an even sun-kissed look. 

We offer professional skin care products designed specifically to exfoliate and prepare the skin for the best results.

Stay Hydrated and Moisturized

This tip is one to live by, whether you tan or not, but it’s even more important when you’re trying to keep your glow looking even. Dry skin won’t hold your tan as your skin sheds faster and unevenly when dry. Hydrated skin is key to best spray tan results, helps the tan last longer and fade more evenly. It’s important to avoid oils before and after a session. Ask your tanning consultant for the professional product options that are designed specifically for at home spray tan maintenance. 

We recommend waiting until after your first shower to use moisturizers. Always remember to gently pat the skin dry (don’t rub) then apply moisturizer. 

Shower with Your Spray Tan in Mind

You shouldn’t shower for at least 4-6 hours after an appointment so that the tan has a chance to set in and give you the long-lasting glow you’re looking for. You also shouldn’t take any long hot showers in general, as they may cause a premature fading of your tan. Instead, opt for quicker, warm showers when you need to freshen up. No scrubbing.

Your choice of body wash is also important when it comes to showering with your spray tan in mind. You don’t want any oil or harsh chemicals in your body wash, so we recommend the products specifically designed for spray tanning. Ask your tanning consultant when you’re in! If you follow these tips, then there’s no doubt that your tan will last longer and remain more even.

Things to Avoid When Maintaining a Spray Tan

Staying hydrated and moisturized, exfoliating before appointments, and using a spray tan-friendly body wash are all things you should do if you want your tan to look great and last for as long as possible, but there are also a few things that you should avoid. 

We’ve listed a few of the most important things to avoid below: 

  • Overly chlorinated water
  • Skincare products with retinol
  • Skincare products with AHAs or BHAs
  • Oil-based skincare products
  • Hand razors 

These things are liable to cause your spray tan to fade prematurely, so your best bet is to avoid them and seek tan-friendly alternatives. If you do this and follow the other tips we’ve provided, you should have no problem keeping that 7-12 day schedule.

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