$5 Tan

Sun Angel 1400    –     Worlds Only Tanning Bed

with Scan Technology

Once skin is scanned, the Sun Angel adjusts bulbs and power–creating a perfect, customized session every time!

sun angel


Heavenly Sensations

The SUNANGEL 1400 truly is one of a kind. No other tanning bed delivers results, luxury, and peace of mind like the SUNANGEL does. The high-end technology on the inside is only matched by the stunning design and animated illumination on the outside. It is a positively special tanning experience! The LED Light Show creates beautiful light animations in sunny colors, highlighting the dramatic lines of the bed.

  • Individual UV Spectrum
  • Sensor-Controlled Tanning
  • Duo Select Feature
  • Tan With Confidence

Sun Angel 1400

Luxury Features

  • Intelligent skin sensor takes seconds to measure the skin’s current UV light sensitivity, eliminating risk of sunburn
  • Two selectable programs offer a choice between Essential Sunshine conducive to Vitamin D3 synthesis and Styling Sunshine for a perfectly customized tan
  • Customizable comfort settings (temperature, aqua mist, aroma circulation)
  • MP3 sound system and LED light show