VIP Membership

vip-membership-detailsWant more out of your $5 Tan experience? Join our VIP club! You know that going to $5 Tan isn’t just about getting that bronzed bod. It’s about rewarding yourself with the time to relax and unwind. It’s about setting aside fifteen minutes to escape from life’s pressures and responsibilities. And if you take your tanning and relaxation seriously and are looking for the best deal $5 Tan has to offer, then a VIP membership is right for you!

Our VIP members enjoy all the benefits of $5 Tan unlimited at any salon location, all for one low monthly rate. Additionally, VIP members will receive product discounts. Overall, it’s the most convenient and cost-effective way to stay beautiful and bronzed all year long.

Our VIP Memberships Pricing

  • $19.99/mo – Silver VIP membership (unlimited tanning in Level 1 beds + a 15% product discount)
  • $35.99/mo – Gold VIP membership (unlimited tanning in Level 1 & 2 beds + a 20% product discount)
  • $55.99/mo – Platinum VIP membership (unlimited tanning in Level 1,2 & 3 beds + a 25% product discount)
  • $65.99/mo – Diamond VIP membership (unlimited tanning in all bed levels + a 30% product discount)
  • $75.99/mo – Diamond PLUS VIP membership (unlimited tanning in all bed levels, the Mystic Tan + a 30% product discount)
  • $55.99/mo – UV-Free VIP Unlimited (unlimited tanning in our MyMyst or Versa Spa units + a 20% product discount)

* Add unlimited Red Light Therapy for an additional $20/mo added to any of the above VIP memberships.

For all VIP memberships, there is a one-time initiation fee of $40; no long-term contracts necessary. One automatic deduction is required. Our guests can cancel their membership at any time by signing a cancellation form in any $5 Tan salon. Cancelling by the 25th of the month will ensure the following month will not be deducted. If our guests plan to start their membership up again, a better way is to “Freeze” their account. That will ensure that the members price will not increase and they will not need to pay the initiation fee when they rejoin. The cost is just $5/month and when our guest “unfreezes” their account, $4.01 of each month paid while frozen will go into our guest’s $5 Tan in-house account and can be used for equipment upgrades or products. (Note: It cannot be used to pay for the automatic withdrawal as this is done through the bank, not the salon.) Guests will also receive their product discount while their account is “frozen”.

(Note: Freezing/Cancellations must be made in person in any $5 Tan salon by the 25th of the month. Memberships can not be changed or canceled over the phone.)